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    Release Date: October 10, 2015
  Publisher: Xchyler Publishing

“As I just got my hands on the book, I can say that it was very hard to put down! T.N. delivers the account of a not-so-human zombie, named Kyle. As for many stories about zombies, it can be difficult to write personality and likability into the character. But Kyle's struggle to fight the monster and have a semi-normal life, with glimpses of his past life, help bring a very real human quality to this zombie. His involvement with a witch pushes his limits adding a twist I didn't see coming. I fell right into the story and found myself engaged in the life happening all around Kyle.”

- Sarah Hunter Hyatt

“Payne's story was "fun" to me because of how we get to learn about Kyle. The first-person narration is crisp and conversational. We learn about the flawed man and his struggles. The story's beginning sentence expertly sets the tone for the entire tale: "Every sinner must pay a price for the foolishness of their choices. I was paying mine now." Kyle says this as he's digging up a grave. As the story continues, we're introduced to several colorful characters, a black market cad, a witch willing to strike a bargain. I never knew what was coming next. 

This story differed greatly from the others in Beyond the Wail. But I liked this change. It was the first zombie story, a less-than-perfect undead creature trying to do the right thing, trying for redemption. Chances are you've not read anything like this either. And, chances are, if you like stories about gambling and zombies, you'll definitely like this one!”

                                                                   - Scotty Watty Doodle All The Day

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