Saturday, August 1, 2015


It's Cover Reveal Day!! This time, it's for author A.J. Campbell's newest book, SIGIL OF THE WYRM. It isn't realeased until August 25th but you can already pre-order it on Amazon for $6.99. I'll put the link below. But first to give you a little description:

Richard Lampton never believed in fairy tales, so when a stunning stranger at his uncle's funeral warns him of an ancient family curse, he pays no heed -until a very real wyrm attempts to destroy him. Now, with the help of a homeless runaway, a fledgling jackdaw, and a key none but he can use, Richard must find the courage to meet his death or his destiny as he plunges headlong Into the Weirding. 

Okay so without further ado, here's the awesome cover for A.J. Campbell's new book revealed in the video trailer below. Go ahead and watch first. I'll wait.


Didn't you just love it?! Here it is again up close and personal.

Displaying SIGIL_of_the_WYRM_FRONT_500.png

Displaying SIGIL_of_the_WYRM_full_spread_750.png

Preorder Link:

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