Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Triple-7 Challenge Losers Weepers Edition

I've been nominated to take part in the Triple-7 Challenge given to me by fellow anthology author Danielle Shipley. So I say...

The object of the challenge is to share 7 lines from Page 7 of my manuscript and then tag 7 bloggers. Since 7 is my favorite number, I couldn't pass it up. Therefore, I will be giving you a sneak peak into my short story that will be debuting in Xchyler Publishing’s newest paranormal collection this fall. Its theme is Losers Weepers and my short story is titled "Dead Man Hocking”. Now granted I'm still in the editing stages so I might get an email later to change these lines but for now, here they are...

I had to sell these bodies and fast before something like that happened again. I only hoped it didn’t get any worse. I needed answers. 
# #
Lady Luck was no longer with me. I lost favor in her sights, I thought as I dragged myself home, exhausted from mental defeat. Lights were on in the living room when I arrived. My wife, Elle, waited on the couch, her posture stiff and arms crossed.

Now I nominate the following bloggers:

Hope you guys are up for the challenge. If not, that's fine. You can take the time to blog hop and see some interesting excerpts that might pique your interests. 

Have a Happy Hump Day!! (totally not being sarcastic)

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