Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SIGIL OF THE WYRM Blog Tour + Giveaway


This is your chance to learn about another world, one full of mysterious curses, weird creatures and a destiny that combines them both.

But before you enter that world, let's meet and greet the writer responsible for it's creation, A.J. Campbell.

Author Interview:
1. What is your writing drive? The power that keeps you going when your writing gets difficult?
Other people. Knowing someone is out there, be that editor, friend or fan, who is waiting for those pages, who wants to know how the story ends.
2. Name one entity that you feel supported your writing, outside of family members.
PG Tips.
3. How does writing impact other parts of your life?
I find life impacts more on my writing than the other way around. There’s the obvious difficulties in finding time to write alongside earning enough to pay the rent and keeping up with my share of the housework, etc, but as a writer, I tend to take a lot of inspiration from my life. Experiences, emotions: so much of it finds its way onto the page. The downside is that it can make you feel like a bit of an outsider because of all the times you’re looking over your own shoulder, noting down how this feels or how that looks. You sometimes wonder if you’re ever going to experience anything without mentally cataloguing it for later use.
4. What activities best give your brain a break? How do you unwind?
I’m an unapologetic geek. I enjoy LARP, and make a lot of my own costumes for that. I also enjoy reading, and binge-watching films and TV.
5. What are some of your other published works?
Sigil of the Wyrm is actually my first novel to be published. Aside from that, I had a poem called The Skins of My Friends which appeared in the debut edition of Verse Kraken magazine, and I periodically write reviews for Sabotage magazine (sabotagereviews.com).

Don't forget to check out this book which was released on August 25th. Don't even try to wrym your way out of it. (Haha!! Bad joke, I know.)

For the next stop on the tour, see the schedule posted below. Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post for your chance to win a Dare to Dream T-shirt.

Book Release Blog Tour August 29-September 5

Saturday, Aug. 29

Sunday, Aug. 30 INTERVIEW 1

Monday, Aug. 31 INTERVIEW 2

Tuesday, Sep. 1 INTERVIEW 3

Wednesday, Sep. 2 INTERVIEW 4

Thursday, Sep. 3 INTERVIEW 5

Friday, Sep. 4 OPEN

Saturday, Sep. 5 PINTEREST BOARD
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